Added Moonbeam mainnet

We now support Moonbeam. It can be queried with the slug moonbeam or eip155:1284


Added Modular Games Testnet

We now have support for the Layer 3 testnet for Modular Games. To access, use the slug modular-games-testnet or eip155:20482050

Added count parameter to Listings endpoints

Added count parameter to the following endpoints:


Sort NFT(s) by Token List by last sale information

We have added the ability to sort NFTs by Token List by the following values: last_sale_price__desc, last_sale_price__asc, last_sale_date__desc, last_sale_date__asc


ERC-2981 royalty support now live

The NFT responses on EVM chains now include royalty information based on the ERC-2981 standard, if applicable. It is included in the royalty array alongside royalty information from other sources, like OpenSea and Metaplex.


Manta mainnet now live

We've added support for the Manta blockchain, queryable with the slug manta


5 new testnets now available

We're announcing support for the following new testnets: Arbitrum Sepolia, Optimism Sepolia, Base Sepolia, Zora Sepolia, and Astria Devnet

Added Active Listings by Wallet(s) endpoint

Added new Active Listings by Wallet(s) endpoint


Look up collection by Tensor slug

You can now find a Solana collection by looking up its slug from the Tensor marketplace on Collections by Marketplace.


Added has_multiple_collections field to Contracts model

Now you can see if a contract is divided into multiple collections on marketplaces like OpenSea using the has_multiple_collections field. Prominent contracts that do this include Art Blocks and the OpenSea shared contracts.